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Outdoor Gyms For Your Garden

Get Outside. Get Exercising. Get Exo-Gym.

With an EXO-GYM installed in your garden your workout comes to you! The full rig gives you complete flexibility over your fitness regime, with all bar based exercises and calisthenics, weight training, TRX/resistance bands, boxing and plyometric movements catered for.


As it turns out, exercising outdoors increases the positive effect you experience when you move your body, producing improvements in mood and increases in self-esteem above and beyond that of exercise alone. “Green” exercise makes you feel better than the same exercise performed indoors.


Meet The Modules

Who For

Who Is It For?

Children Running

Personal Trainers

Exo-Gym is ideal for PT's looking for new options to train clients. You could literally run your business from home with one of our rigs!

Fitness Enthusiasts

An Exo-Gym in your garden means you have easy access to quality equipment as and when you want it


With a host of metal 

components on our modular gyms, your kids will gain confidence, build strength & improve coordination

Schools & Clubs

With Exo-Gym you can add high quality fitness and conditioning equipment in your available outdoor space. A win-win for any school or sports club!


Give yourself a point of difference by incorporating elements of an Exo-Gym in a garden makeover.

Case Studies

Case Studies


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