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Why Exercise Outside?


It Makes You Feel Better About Yourself

That is basically it...and what could be more important in these strange times !! Physical activity by itself tends to improve your mood, and we usually intuitively understand this to be true. With dopamine and endorphins flowing freely when we move our bodies, this positive feedback is often a major reason for getting a sweat on! Who doesn’t feel good after a good workout?

As it turns out, exercising outdoors increases this effect, producing improvements in mood and increases in self-esteem above and beyond that of exercise alone. “Green” exercise makes you feel better than the same exercise performed indoors.

Training in a sustainable way means training in exciting, novel, and varied environments  – so what better than an EXO-GYM in your garden to facilitate that?

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Exercising Outside:

  • It improves your mood. There’s just “something” about the outdoors that makes us feel better. Studies show that exercising outside can help reduce stress, depression and improve your mood.

  • You get more Vitamin D in your life. Vitamin D is needed for strong bones, muscles and overall health. Being physically active outside increases sun exposure - the best natural source of vitamin D. So, go on - enjoy the sunshine - and the wind, and the rain! Embrace it!

  • It boosts your self-esteem. Research has shown that time spent outside can improve your self-esteem. The results were more pronounced for those living with mental illness.

  • It can increase motivation. Green exercise can help motivation to undertake physical activity by increasing enjoyment and escapism from everyday life...which let’s face it is more important than ever right now!

An EXO-GYM is the perfect way to enjoy green exercise in your garden.

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