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Exo-Gym For Schools & Clubs

Children Running

A Cost Effective  Gym For Schools & Clubs

With Exo-Gym you can add high quality fitness and conditioning equipment to your training facilities in your available outdoor space - upgrading your facilities in an instant without having to undertake any major construction. A win-win for any school or sports club!


Exo-Gym outdoor gyms are a fantastic addition to facilities at both schools or sports clubs. We can install high quality, long lasting strength and conditioning equipment without you having to undertake any time consuming and expensive planning applications and with no major construction. Most of our modular rigs are built in a day. And with the explosion in personal training and community based fitness initiatives (and a lack of public equipment) you can also generate an ancillary income stream by hiring out the equipment “out of hours.” We are currently working with a number of outdoor gym and school partners, so if you want to know more please contact us today!

 Finance Options

You may not have the full amount lying around to pay for your Exo-Gym right now. We’re keen to help, which is why we’ve teamed up with Funding Falcon, a carefully selected, leading provider of immediate personal finance services.


This means you can order your Exo-Gym now, paying a deposit and then spreading the balance from 6 months to 5 years (typical 3% APR).

You can borrow between £500 and £35,000 using this service. Simply apply online and receive an instant decision in just seconds. It’s a totally paperless process and 95% of applications are accepted.

Reach out today for a discussion and to get an initial quote...

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