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Exo-Gym For Fitness Enthusiasts


A Cost Effective Gym For Your Garden

For many of us who are regular gym and fitness class attendees, lockdown was a double whammy with the closure of gyms (and even public park equipment) meaning that we couldn’t have continuity of our fitness regime. An Exo-Gym is the answer to several questions that were raised by COVID. Firstly, the question of where do I exercise now? Secondly, the question of where can I squeeze equipment into my house, now all available space is taken up by home offices and kids being home schooled? And thirdly, how do I squeeze more outdoor time from the mandated “one hour of exercise?”


Thankfully we are out of lockdown now, but with new variants, and no guarantees there won’t be more lockdowns, an Exo-Gym in your garden means you have easy access to quality equipment as and when you want it. I probably  don't need to tell you how good  outdoor exercise is for you. And did we mention that they look awesome?!

Finance Options

You may not have the full amount lying around to pay for your Exo-Gym right now. We’re keen to help, which is why we’ve teamed up with Funding Falcon, a carefully selected, leading provider of immediate personal finance services.


This means you can order your Exo-Gym now, paying a deposit and then spreading the balance from 6 months to 5 years (typical 3% APR).

You can borrow between £500 and £35,000 using this service. Simply apply online and receive an instant decision in just seconds. It’s a totally paperless process and 95% of applications are accepted.

Reach out today for a discussion around your outdoor gym needs, and to get an initial no obligation quote...

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