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How Much Does An Exo-Gym Cost?

Our "Full Rig" modular designs cost £2525, including installation and VAT. To add a plyometric platform and additional 1.8 metre bar will bring the full rig to the total of £2985. Alternatively, if you don't want the adjustable barbell rack and boxing hook the RRP is £2015 and £2475 respectively.

Additional options include specialist floor finishes and using ground screws rather than foundations.

Does Exo-Gym Do Custom Designs?

Yes we do! If you look at our online shop you can see the standard metal parts we use - we can build you anything from a basic chin up bar, dip station, outdoor bench press station and squat rack - feel free to ask. We can also fabricate custom parts to order.

Can I Build My Own Exo-Gym?

Absolutely! You can order from our online shop! We can provide plans for the modular rigs, and any competent DIY enthusiast or handyman will be able to install for you. Just add fence posts and postcrete!

Have other questions about Exo-Gym? Get in touch, we will be happy to provide the answers!

How Is Exo-Gym Installed?

Your two man installation team will usually take one day to install your Exo-Gym. For some custom jobs and/or tricky spots it may take two...we will do a full site and risk assessment beforehand to ensure there are no snags. Standard installation uses postcrete to secure the posts in foundations, and after leaving for a recommended three days to set the gym will be ready for use. We also work with a partner to install Exo-Gyms with ground screws, minimising waste and ensuring the neatest possible finish.

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