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Low Carbon Gym Installation

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

For our second installation, our client wanted to use ground screws to minimise both damage to their artificial lawn, and to minimise their carbon footprint.

Working with our ground screw contractor, we inserted 6 x 1000mm ground screws to fit the “All Rounder” gym footprint - the clients' kids (okay, and the grown-ups) were in awe of the screws going into the ground via a giant drill that braces onto the fence. It’s a seriously cool piece of kit!

We then screwed custom fabricated “shoes” onto the heads of the screws, and fastened in the wooden posts with coach screws. The rest of the gym is constructed in the usual way. By using this method, the artificial lawn maintained its integrity and neatness. There is also no concrete used, and no waste soil to be disposed of making this a very green option to start enjoying green exercise!

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