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Exo-Gym Small Space Installation

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Our client had just moved into a new house and he had a “dead space” between the side of his house and his neighbours garage. He contacted us and asked if we could design a custom rig to fit into this small, irregularly shaped strip of land.

“Not much room - no problem” we said.

We fitted a custom rig that squeezes in 3 multi purpose bars (2 x 800mm positioned high and low - enabling inverted press ups, a battle rope to be threaded onto it as well as TRX/bands on the upper bar, 1 x 1800mm multi-purpose bar for chin and pull-ups, and a boxing hook for his kickboxing bag).

Needless to say, our client was delighted with the result, and by utilising this space he keeps the rest of the garden free!

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